Tsutomu Miyazaki

Undated handout image distributed to media.  Source: http://murderpedia.org/male.M/m/miyazaki-tsutomu-photos.htm

Tsutomu Miyazaki

The Little Girl Murderer

Name:  Tsutomu Miyazaki
Nickname(s): The Little Girl Murderer, The Otaku Murderer
Born: 21st August 1962 in Itsukaichi, Tokyo, Japan
Number of Victims: 4
Modus Operandi: Lured young girls into his car, took pictures, sexually abused them before strangling them.
Date Apprehended: 23rd July 1989
Executed: 17th June 2008, hanged


Paedophile, necrophile, cannibal and serial killer, Tsutomu Miyazaki (宮﨑 勤 Miyazaki Tsutomu), murdered four girls under the age of seven between August 1988 and June the following year.

His crimes shocked the Saitama/Tokyo regions of Japan.

Miyazaki was considered “Otaku”, at the time a heavily criticised way of life that lots thought were the reason for his crimes.  After arrest his apartment was found to contain thousands of violent manga/anime/films/pornography.  Including photos he had taken himself.

Otaku Definition

A Japanese term for a person (usually young) who is obsessed with gaming or anime, anything that keeps them indoors, detrimentally effecting their social skills.  They rarely leave the house.  Recently the term has come to take on a more positive aspect, used in anime and manga to address people with similar gaming/anime interests.

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