Ted Bundy


Identified Victims and Survivors

Below is a (long) list of Bundy's murder victims and survivors where he either confessed to the crimes or evidence is substantial enough to connect him to them.
It is unknown exactly how many people met their untimely end at Ted Bundy's hands and it is speculated his murdering career started much earlier than detailed below.
(Victim Name / Victim Age / Date of Disappearance / Location of Disappearance)


Karen Sparks (aka Joni Lenz) / 18 / 4 January 1974 / Seattle, Washington

Asleep in her basement room, UW student Sparks, was awoken by Bundy viciously beating her around the head with a metal bar he'd removed from her bed frame.  Her house mates found her the next day with said metal bar savagely rammed into her vagina.  Incredibly, she survived, albeit with life changing injuries including brain damage and irreperable damage to her internal organs.

Lynda Ann Healy / 21 / 1 February 1974 / Seattle, Washington

A dependable WSU student, police were notified of her disappearance the day she went missing, when her room was checked they found her neatly made bed covers hiding blood stained sheets.  Her skull was recovered March 3, 1976 from “Bundy’s graveyard” – a dumping site of 5 known Bundy victim’s on Taylor Mountain.

Donna Gail Manson / 19 / 12 March 1974 / Olympia, Washington

A highly intelligent Evergreen State College student, she was known to have a tendency to go off on her own for a few days at a time, thus was not reported missing for 6 days.  Bundy claimed responsibility for her murder and claimed that some of the remains found on Taylor Mountain were hers.

Susan Elaine Rancourt / 18 / 17 April 1974 / Ellensburg, Washington

Having worked extremely hard to put herself through college and averaging a 4.0 she went to a meeting 8pm April 17th to learn of an opportunity for a job, that was the last time she was seen alive.  Only her skull was found on Taylor Mountain.

Roberta Kathleen Parks / 22 / 6 May 1974 / Corvallus, Oregon

An Oregon State University student majoring in world religions.  She agreed to meet friends for coffee the evening of May 6th 1974 but never arrived.
Her skull was excavated with others on Taylor Mountain, over 250 miles from where she was last seen alive.

Brenda Carol Ball / 22 / 1 June 1974 / Burien, Washington

Last seen leaving talking to a man with his arm in a sling in a tavern parking lot.  Known for being a free spirit, her friends thought nothing unusual of her having not contacted them for several weeks.
Her skull was the first found by students working on Taylor Mountain.

Georgann Hawkins / 18 / 11 June 1974 / Seattle, Washington

Naturally, after the disappearance of so many female college students during the first few months of April in the Seattle area, students were cautious.
Georgann left her boyfriend’s apartment at around 1am to return to her dorm just 6 houses down the road around the corner, friends and neighbours say they saw her make it to the 40 foot long brightly lit alleyway entrance that led to her front door.  She never made it.
Bundy confessed before his execution that she had been very trusting of him and offered to help him carry his briefcase to his car as he was wearing a (fake) cast on his arm.  He then knocked her out shoved her in his vehicle and sped off.  Bundy ultimately strangled Georgann Hawkins.  He also claimed that some of the remains had been found (but not identified as hers) near Lake Sammamish State Park a few months after her disappearance.
Incredibly, Bundy returned to the scene of the crime the next morning whilst the police investigation was undergoing to retrieve her earrings and a shoe that were left in the adjacent parking lot.

Janice Ann Ott / 23 / 14 July 1974 / Lake Sammamish State Park, Washington

A probation case worker for King County Youth Service in Seattle, Ott was last seen helping a man with a cast whilst riding her bicycle through the park.  Her remains were found alongside others at another Bundy dumpsite nearby.

Denise Marie Naslund / 19 / 14 July 1974 / Lake Sammamish State Park, Washington

Studying to be a computer programmer, Naslund had taken some time off of studying to relax in the park for the afternoon with some friends.  Around 4.30pm she left them to visit the bathrooms nearby but never returned.  Workers discovered her body in the same site as other Bundy victims close to the park.

Nancy Wilcox / 16 / 2 October 1974 / Holladay, Salt Lake City, Utah

Last seen as a passenger in a car that matches the VW Bug Bundy owned at the time, Bundy admitted to her murder before his execution, claiming the body was buried in a location 200 miles south of Salt Lake City, it has never been recovered.

Melissa Anne Smith / 17 / 18 October 1974 / Midvale, Utah

The daughter of Midvale’s police chief, she disappeared on her way home after visiting a friend nearby.  She was discovered 9 days later in nearby Summit Park - a mountainous area.  Her corpse was nude; the teenager had been strangled, raped and sodomized.  She had suffered a savage beating with multiple skull fractures from a blunt object.

Laura Ann Aime / 17 / 31 October 1974 / Murray, Utah

Tall and skinny, Laura had been at a café Halloween night time, but left alone around midnight.  She was never seen alive again.  Her body was found nude near a river in the Wasatch Mountains strangled and beaten.  She had been sexually assaulted.

Carol DaRonch / 18 / 8 Novermber 1974 / Murray, Utah

Talking with an authoritative air, Bundy approached DaRonch at a mall asking her to come look at her car parked outside as it had been robbed.  Not questioning the man DaRonch proceeded outside where Bundy eventually coerced her that she would need to go down the station with her, as it seems the suspect must have been taken to headquarters already.
Slightly more dubious now she agreed to get in his VW, after speeding away, they came to an abrupt halt where Bundy tried to handcuff his abductee, though ultimately failing.  DaRonch scrambled out of the car and fought with Bundy before miraculously escaping on foot.

Debra Jean Kent / 17 / 8 November 1974 / Bountiful, Utah

Whilst watching a play with her parent’s Debra offered to go and pick up her younger brother from the local ice skating rink so they wouldn’t miss the show.  After the play finished and the Kent couple were left waiting for their daughter to return they noticed that their car was the only one left in the parking lot.  Police were called and a witness described having seen a brown VW bug speed off that night.  A handcuff key was found in the parking lot, matching the handcuffs that DaRonch had been wearing when she escaped.
Kent’s body has never been positively identified.



Caryn Eileen Campbell / 23 / 12 January 1975 / Aspen, Colorado

The Nurse from Michigan had been vacationing with her fiancée and his two children when she disappeared from the hotel they were staying at.  Caryn’s body was found in a snowbank on Owl Creek Road, Aspen February 18th.  She was nude and had likely been raped.

Julie Cunningham / 26 / 15 March 1975 / Vail, Colorado

A part-time ski instructor, Cunningham had agreed to meet her roommate at a bar the night of March 15th 1975.  She never arrived.  Her body never found, Bundy confessed to her murder before execution.

Denise Lynn Oliverson / 25 / 6 April 1975 / Grand Junction, Colorado

After a heated argument with her husband, the 25 year old took her pushbike and made her way to her parent’s house.  Bundy abducted her before she got there.  Her husband reported her missing after he had contacted her parent’s and discovered she never arrived.  Bundy claimed to have thrown her body into the Colorado River a few miles from where her bicycle and sandals were found, but it has never been recovered.

Lynette Dawn Culver / 12 / 6 May 1975 / Pocatello, Idaho

Bundy abducted the young girl from her school and according to his confessions discarded her body into the Snake River.  Her body has never been found.

Susan Curtis / 15 / 28 June 1975 / Provo, Utah

Disappeared from Brigham Young University.  Bundy claimed to have buried her body 75 miles away, but it has never been found.



The following four victims all resided withian a Chi Omega sorority house, Florida State Univeristy, Tallahassee, Florida

Margaret Elizabeth Bowman / 21 / 15 January 1978

Her skull was caved in while she slept, and a nylon stocking wrapped around her throat had been pulled with such force it nearly broke her neck.

Lisa Levy / 20 / 15 January 1978

When police arrived they found Lisa in her room alone (her roommate was away), she was still alive but with no pulse.  Unfortunately she passed away before she made it to hospital.  Bundy had inflicted a multitude of injuries to Levy.  Her nipple had almost been torn off, her collarbone was broken, and she had been strangled.  A hairspray bottle was forced into her vagina.  A bite mark that Bundy left on her buttock helped police convict Bundy from dental moulds.

Karen Chandler / 21 / 15 January 1978

A survivor of the horror that took place January 15th, Bundy had mercilessly beaten Karen Chandler.  After he had fled the scene, Karen appeared in the hallway, delirious.  Bundy had fractured her skull, broken her jaw and multiple teeth.

Kathy Kleiner / 21 / 15 January 1978

After Karen had staggered into the hall, Kathy was found sat up in bed with multiple lacerations to her face and head, her jaw had been broken multiple times.  She would never remember the attack, she had been asleep when it happened.  She survived her injuries.

Cheryl Thomas / 21 / 15 January 1978 / Tallahassee, Florida

Not content with the destruction he had caused already that night, Bundy left the Chi Omega house and only 8 blocks away entered another residence where he found Cheryl Thomas in her room.  Bundy woke all of Cheryl’s neighbours with the violence he inflicted upon her.  The thumps of him smashing her head was heard throughout the large house.  She suffered serious head wounds including multiple skull fractures, a broken jaw and her shoulder dislocated.  Amazingly she survived, though with life changing injuries including permanent hearing loss in one ear and cranial nerve damage that will forever affect her equilibrium and ended her dancing career.

Kimberly Diane Leach / 12 / 9 February 1978 / Lake City, Florida

Kimberly was in her PE lesson when she asked her teacher if she could retrieve her purse from her last lesson as she had forgotten it.  After retrieving her purse she was spotted being led away from the school grounds by an irate man.  Nobody reported anything thinking it was probably her father.  Once her actual father became aware that she hadn’t attended the rest of her classes that day and he hadn’t removed her from school himself, police were called.  A lengthy search concluded 2 months later when her body was discovered in a pigpen 40 miles outside the city.  She had been sexually assaulted and strangled.