Roberto Succo

(April 3rd 1962 - May 23rd 1988)

Born in Venice, Italy; Succo was a paranoid schizophrenic who would go on to become “Public Enemy Number One” in three European countries.

His first known murders were an act of parricide (killing one’s own parents).  On April 9th 1981 he fatally stabbed his own mother before stabbing and strangling his father (a police officer) after they refused to lend him their car.  Hiding their bodies in a bathtub filled with water and lime, he took the car as well as his father’s pistol.  He evaded capture for only a few days before police caught him.

He was sentenced to just 10 years in a mental institute after being declared insane.  Halfway through his sentence he escaped the psychiatric hospital and began a criminal rampage.

Quickly his crime spree earnt him the title of “Public Enemy number one” in France, Italy and Switzerland.  The two years before he was caught, he committed countless numbers of crimes including hijacking, kidnapping and murder.
He is known to have raped and killed two teenage girls and murdered an elderly man.
Two police officers who tracked him down to arrest him also became victims and it was not until February 28th 1988 that he was caught near his hometown.

 Not one to stay locked up for long, Succo attempted another escape from the jail rooftop but injured himself and was quickly subdued.  Instead, when he had determined that he wouldn’t be declared insane again and was likely looking at life behind bars he committed suicide in his cell.  The ultimate escape.

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