Randy Kraft

Scorecard - A Cryptic Coded Journal

When Randy Kraft was apprehended in 1983 police soon found a 61-entry list in his vehicle.  The entries appeared to be short cryptic codes written neatly by hand.  It would come to light that this at first innocent looking list was a macabre resume of Kraft's depraved murders.

Not all of the entries have been connected to known murders, in fact over a third of the entries are unknown who they may refer to.  The other entries have been linked by investigators to victims of Kraft's convicted murders or murders that have been closed since Kraft was put away.  There are a few tentatively linked due to the m.o. of the killing being similar to The Scorecard Killers but are not confimed connections.

Below is a table of the entries, the connected victims, the date the bodies were found and whether these were convictions, connections or suspected.

Table showing Randy Kraft's "scorecard" and the connected victims.

Table showing Randy Kraft's "scorecard" and the connected victims.

With 61 entries investigators have concluded that this would total 67 victims, where some were "2 in 1"; ie, 2 victims to one entry on the scorecard.

Notably, the murders of Eric Church and Terry Lee Gambrel have not been connected to any entries on this list.  The latter is presumably because Kraft never got a chance to make the entry.  Though there is a chance that both are on the scorecard referenced in an entry that cannot be easily connected to them.