Randy Kraft

Tried and Convicted Murder Victims

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Edward Moore

“EDM” – Edward Daniel Moore

Moore was a 20 year old Marine based at Camp Pendleton barracks.  He was last seen alive leaving the barracks on Christmas Eve 1972, presumably to go out and enjoy the holiday festivities.  This, however, was far from what he was to encounter. 

Found close to the 405 Freeway in Seal Beach on boxing day examination revealed he had been bound, beaten and garrotted before likely pushed from a moving vehicle.  Marks on his body concluded he had been bitten repeatedly, and there was a sock stuffed into his rectum.


Kevin Bailey

“AIRPLANE HILL” – Body found in an area known to locals as Airplane Hill

Found in Huntington Beach in either February or April (sources differ) 1973 and remaining unidentified for some time, Bailey’s body was again close to a road where he had likely been dumped from a moving vehicle, his body was missing its genitals and sodomized, both performed prior to his death.


Ronnie Wiebe

“7TH STREET” – Found on the 7th Street on-ramp

The 20 year old disappeared whilst bar hopping on the evening of July 28th 1973.  He was found beside the 405 Freeway in Seal Beach.

Found fully dressed though barefoot, his clothes initially hid the torture he had undergone prior to death.  Assumed to have been bound and hung upside down there was visible bite marks on his stomach and penis, forced into his rectum was one of his own missing socks.


Keith Crotwell

“PARKING LOT” – Picked up from parking lot

With only his head having been found on Longshore Beach Marina May 8th 1975, it is unknown what kind of horrendous torture Kraft likely afflicted on the 19 year old before killing him.

Randy Kraft was almost charged with this murder after his car had been recognised picking up Crotwell and a friend from the Belmont Plaza Pool the last night he was seen alive.  However, with no body or known cause of death L.A. County prosecutors would not move forward with the case.


Mark Hall

“NEW YEAR’S EVE” – Last seen alive on NYE

Mark Hall was out enjoying a New Year’s Eve party in San Juan Capistrano when he vanished.
He was found in Cleveland National Forest a few days later, nude, and tied to a tree.

Kraft had for unknown reasons increased the level of torture inflicted on Hall compared to previous victims.  Hall had been sodomized but also burned with a cigarette lighter in numerous places including his eyes, face, and genitals.  If that hadn’t been enough already his legs were slashed open and his already burnt genitals severed before being forced into his rectum together with leaves and dirt from the surrounding area.  Cause of death may have been his extraordinarily high blood-alcohol level though more leaves and dirt were shoved down his throat to ensure his death.


Scott Hughes

“EUCLID” – Found on the Euclid Street on-ramp

Kraft’s first known victim of 1977 Hughes was a 18 year old Marine who was found next to a freeway on ramp in Anaheim.  Fully clothed though missing his shoelaces, Kraft had mutilated his genitals and removed a testicle prior to strangling with a ligature and dumping Hughes from a moving vehicle.


Roland Young

“JAIL OUT” – Released from jail the day he was murdered

Having been released from jail the same day, Young was plied with Valium and alcohol before being emasculated and stabbed repeatedly in the chest.  His redressed body found early hours the next morning (June 10th 1977) in Irvine, again marks indicated his body had been thrown from a speeding vehicle.


Richard Keith

“MARINE CARSON” – Marine last seen hitchhiking from Carson

Another Marine, the morning of June 19th 1978 he was hitchhiking back to Camp Pendleton after visiting his girlfriend.  He never made it, instead found roadside in Moulton Parkway.  Bound and strangled by a ligature the Marine had been thrown from another moving vehicle.


Keith Klingbeil

“HIKE OUT LB BOOTS” – Last seen hitchhiking, found with a Long Beach matchbook in pocket

Klingbeil, 23, was alive when discovered laying on the I-5 Freeway, paramedics and doctors did their best to save him though he perished a few hours later from a paracetamol and alcohol overdose in hospital, he had been bound by the ankles and his nipple burnt by a car cigarette lighter.  An attempt to strangle Klingbeil with his own shoelaces had also been made.  He passed away in hospital July 6th 1978.


Michael Inderbieten

“DART 405” – Found near an interchange on the 405 Freeway

November 18th 1978 Inderbieten, 21, was found a mere 20 feet from where Edward Moore was dumped 6 years earlier.  Burnt with a cigarette lighter, his genitals removed, and he’d been sodomized with a large object.  Determined to have died from suffocation.


Donald Crisel

“MARINE DRUNK OVERNIGHT SHORTS” – A Marine found wearing only shorts

Another Marine, this time from the Tustin base.
Spotted being pushed from a moving vehicle on the 405 Freeway by other motorists.  Crisel had died from acute alcohol poisoning, though an attempt to strangle the man had been made evidenced by ligature marks on his neck.


Robert Loggins

“MC HB TATTOO” – Large tattoo on his arm

19 year old Marine Robert Loggins was found in a plastic bag by children on September 3rd 1980.  He had been dead for a few days before discovery and despite his covering Police determined his death as an accidental overdose of alcohol and antihistamines.  It wasn’t until Kraft’s home was searched in 1983 that pictures of Loggins in various pornographic poses were found that the death was attributed to the Freeway Killer.


Eric Church

Victim not connected to/written on “scorecard” list

In late January 1983 Church’s body was found discarded alongside the I-605.  He had been bound, strangled and bludgeoned around the head.  Again, autopsy revealed high levels of alcohol and Valium in his system.  Semen found on his body matched Kraft’s blood type.


Rodger DeVaul & Geoffrey Nelson

“2 IN 1 BEACH” – Linked to these because of sand found on DeVaul’s body

Nelson, 18, was discovered a few hours after going missing early morning February 13th 1983.  His body showed evidence of emasculation and strangulation.
Bound, sodomized and strangled by ligature DeVaul’s lifeless body was found thrown down a mountside in San Bernadino County the day after Nelson’s body had been discovered.  Autopsies revealed the two friend’s had shared their last meal and moments together.


Terry Lee Gambrel

Victim not connected to/written on “scorecard” list

Randy Kraft was stopped just after 1am on May 14th 1983 on suspicion of driving under the influence.  What Officers would soon discover was that the passenger sat next to him was actually the dead body of Terry Gambrel.

Kraft unsurprisingly failed the sobriety test and the second Officer attempted to rouse Kraft’s’ “sleeping” passenger, however, noticing the low temperature of the body and the ligature marks around the man’s neck, an ambulance was called for, nevertheless it was already too late for Gambrel.  He was the final victim of the Freeway Killer.  Small solace attributed to the fact that whilst his genitals were exposed there seemed no indication of torture and the body never unceremoniously dumped from the vehicle.