Randy Kraft

Connected Murder Victims

Please note, the following descriptions may be graphic in nature.
Under each victim's name you will find the connected entry from the scorecard and a reason why the entry was matched to them.
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Wayne Dukette

“STABLE” – Worked in Stables Bar

Found on October 5th 1971 beside Ortega Highway, the body was nude and badly decomposed thus foul play could not be certain.  The connection to Kraft was only made after his arrest in 1983 where his “scorecard list” had an entry named “STABLES”; the gay bar where Dukette worked.


James Reeves

“TWIGGIE” – Found with a 3 inch round tree branch inserted into his rectum

Found wearing only a t-shirt and posed with his legs open displaying the 4-foot branch lodged in his rectum for the additional shock factor.  He was discovered near the San Diego Freeway in Irvine.  Cause of death was suspected suffocation but could not be determined.


Vincent Mestas

“VINCE M” – connected to scorecard via obvious name

Found in a ravine in the San Bernadino Mountains on December 29th 1973, the art student was fully clothed but barefoot; one of his own socks shoved into his anus.  Moving away from his usual mutilations, Kraft had shaved the victim’s head and face and removed the hands leaving the stumps covered with plastic bags.  A foreign object had been inserted into the body’s penis prior to death.


John Doe (Feb 6 1973)

“WILMINGTON” – Body found off the Terminal Island Freeway in Wilmington

An unidentified man aged approximately 18 was found with ligature marks around his neck, and a sock shoved in his rectum.  He had been strangled.  Victim was possibly a prostitute that worked in an area Kraft was known to frequent.


Thomas Lee

“PIER 2” – Found near a pier in an oil field section of Long Beach Harbor.

Lee, 25, was discovered fully clothed by oil field workers on August 3rd 1974.  Well known to “cruise” the same areas Kraft did.  Cause of death was strangulation.


John Leras

“SKATES” – Leras had been seen carrying skates the day he disappeared.

17 year old John Leras had been seen the day before his body was discovered getting off a bus near Ripples Bar (a bar Kraft was well known at) carrying skates he had received for Christmas.

January 4th 1975 Leras was found strangled with a wooden stake hammered into his anus.

The body of John William Leras carries some additional speculation with it; his body was discovered floating in the waters of Sunset Beach, two sets of footprints found suggest Kraft and an accomplice carried him there.  This suspected accomplice has never been found.


Robert Avila

“DEODORANT” – victim known for his over-use of deodorant

Found near the body of Raymond Davis in Echo Park on July 29th 1982, Avila,16, had been missing for eight days, determined to have been strangled with speaker wire other injuries could not be determined due to decomposition.


Raymond Davis

“DOG” – Had gone to the park to find his lost dog the day he disappeared

Visiting family in Los Angeles, Davis, 14, was looking for his dog in Echo Park on June 17th 1982.

His body was found in a gully just 40 yards from where Avila would be dumped at a later date.  Both bodies were discovered by the same Park crew who were searching for the cause of foul odours emanating near the Hollywood highway.  Davis had been strangled, his body badly hidden with foliage.


Malcolm Little

“TEEN TRUCKER” – Had been dropped off by his trucker brother planning to hitchhike from there

Little’s body was posed naked sat upright against a tree off Highway 86.  His genitals had been severed and a tree branch forced 6 inches into his rectum before he was strangled to death.  He was 20 years old.


Gregory Jolley

“LAKES MC” – Found near a Lake, told people he was a Marine

Jolley, 20, was found 14 September 1979 in the Lake Arrowhead area.

He would often wear military clothing and tell people he was a Marine, his body was found decapitated and the legs missing.  He had been emasculated also.  Cause of death unknown.


Roger E. Dickerson

“MC LAGUNA” – Marine, body found in Laguna Beach area

18 year old Marine based at Camp Pendleton, Dickerson had been missing for two days when his body was found on June 22, 1974.  He had planned a trip to Los Angeles for the weekend and was offered a ride by Kraft.  Kraft instead sodomized the Marine, leaving teeth marks on the body’s nipple and genitals from vigorous biting, finally strangling Dickerson to death.


Craig Jonaites

“GOLDEN SAILS” – Body found near Golden Sails Motel on the Pacific Coast Highway

Matched to the “scorecard” list by the body’s location, Jonaites was found missing his shoes and socks on January 14th 1975 by construction workers.  He had been strangled by a length of string, possibly a shoelace.


John Doe (April 22 1973)

“HAWTH OFF HEAD” – Body had been dismembered and scattered across two counties

Never identified, but attributed to the “scorecard” by the manner of the dismemberment that occurred, the body showed evidence of having been bound prior to death, with strangulation as the cause. 

Once all parts of the body were located, it was evident that emasculation and other mutilation had taken place prior to death.  The hands are the only parts to never be recovered.


John Doe (August 29 1979)

“76” – Body parts discovered in dumpster at Union 76 Station

This victims’ remains unidentified and only the head, torso and left leg were ever discovered.  A sock had been pushed into the man’s rectum.


Gary Cordova

“BIG SUR” – Known by friends and family to talk about “Big Sur” a lot.

Cordova’s body was found without shoes and socks down an embankment in southern Orange County.  Autopsy showed he died from Alcohol and diazepam overdose.

(Big Sur is a popular stretch of Californian coastline)


Mark Marsh

“MARINE HEAD BP” – Decapitated Marine who had told friends he was going to Buena Park.

Marsh, 19, a Marine from the El Toro base was found decapitated with a large unspecified object in his rectum.  His hands had been removed post-mortem.  Cause of death was never determined.

Body was located off Templin Highway and Interstate 5 on February 18th 1980.


Paul Fuchs

“EXPLETIVE DELETED” – Due to victim’s last name

The 19 year old disappeared from Ripples Bar (frequented by Kraft) on the 12th of December 1976.  He was never seen again.


Jeffrey Sayre

“WESTMINSTER DATE” – Last seen alive in Westminster after a date with his girlfriend

Whilst Sayre, who was 15 at the time, has never been found since going missing, Police have attributed his disappearance to Kraft’s “scorecard” list, as Sayre had been leaving Westminster after taking his girlfriend out on a date.


Richard Crosby

“TORRANCE” – Disappeared after seeing a movie in Torrance

Crosby’s body was discovered on Highway 83 in San Bernadino County on September 30th 1978.  The 20 year old’s left nipple had been mutilated with a car cigarette lighter before he was strangled and subsequently dumped where he was found.


Christopher Williams

“HOLLYWOOD BUS” – A known prostitute who found customers at bus stops in Hollywood.

The 17 year old prostitute was found without socks, shoes or underwear in the San Bernardino Mountains on August 20th 1981.  He had been drugged and paper forced into his nostrils as well as his rectum.  His cause of death was pneumonia due to aspiration, caused by the blockage of his nasal passageways.


John Doe (July 18 1980)

“PORTLAND ECK” – Not a confirmed connection, prosecutor speculation

Found in Woodburn, Oregon the victim had been strangled and dumped near I-5.


Michael O’Fallon

“PORTLAND DENVER” – Last known to be hitchhiking from Denver.

The 17 year old’s body was found July 17th 1980 along the I-5, 10 miles from Salem.

His hands and feet were bound and a cord tied around his scrotum, he had been sodomized. Although high levels of alcohol and Valium were found in his system cause of death was determined as strangulation.


Michael Cluck

“PORTLAND BLOOD” – Kraft’s bloodiest and messiest murder scene

Again found next to the I-5 Freeway, this time close to Goshen, Oregon.  April 10, 1981 would be the day Police encountered The Freeway Killers bloodiest crime scene; Cluck had been brutally beaten, kicked and sodomized before the back of his skull was caved in with 31 blunt force impacts.


Lance Taggs

“PORTLAND HAWAII” – Body found with a “Hawaii” printed shirt on.

Lance Trenton Taggs was 19 when he accepted a ride from Kraft, his body was found the following day, Dec 9, 1982, a short distance from the location of Witcher’s body discovered only a few weeks earlier.

Taggs had been drugged with Valium and alcohol though died due to a sock that had been forced down his throat.


Anthony Silveira

“PORTLAND RESERVE” – Recently completed duty in National Guard, found near Medford, Oregon

Last seen hitchhiking December 3rd 1982 his body was found 15 days later nude, having been sodomized then strangled.  A toothbrush was left inserted into his rectum.


Brian Whitcher

“PORTLAND HEAD” – No connection to the word “HEAD” has been made

The 26 year old was found after being dumped from a moving vehicle on the I-5 near Wilsonville, Oregon on November 28th 1982.  The body had been fully redressed with the exception of socks and shoes. Undetermined cause of death.


Dennis Alt & Christopher Schoenborn

“GR2” – Two men, staying in a hotel in Grand Rapids

The two men found in a field on December 9th 1982 would turn out to be cousins staying at a Hotel in Grand Rapids, witnesses stating they saw Kraft talking to the two men in the Hotel Bar the night before they died.

Both men were heavily drugged; Alt was found clothed but with his genitals exposed, autopsy revealing he died by asphyxiation through choking.  Schoenborn was nude and had been strangled with his own belt.  The latter also had a pen procured from the Hotel they were staying at rammed through his urethra with such force it penetrated his bladder.


Mikeal Laine

“SD DOPE” – A known drug user found in San Diego County

Mikeal Laine disappeared November 1st 1982 but his body was not discovered until January 19th 1984 discarded down a hillside near Ramona in San Diego County.  No further information can be provided regarding crimes committed against him due to his remains being skeletal when found.