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Jeffrey Dahmer

The Milwaukee Cannibal

Name: Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer
Born: 21st May 1960, West Allis, Wisconsin, USA
Nickname(s): The Milwaukee Cannibal
Number of Victims: 17
Modus Operandi: Lured young men back to his residence, drugged and strangled them, performed necrophilic acts before dismembering and disposing body.
Date Apprehended: 22nd July 1991
Died: 28th November 1994 (killed by another inmate)


A shy boy from Wisconsin, Jeffrey Dahmer became a twisted individual where severe abandonment issues led him to commit a string of murders so that he would never be alone again.

His victims were males aged 14 – 32, lured back to Dahmer’s residence on the promise of money in exchange for modelling for him to take photographs.  Though pictures were often taken, these were not enough for Dahmer; he wanted to “keep” these persons forever.

Drugged then strangled, Dahmer would go on to dissect the bodies after performing necrophilia on them.  Decapitation post-mortem allowed him to boil the flesh from the skulls, whereby he would paint them grey and display them on shelves around his apartment.  Forever keeping part of his victim around, they never had chance to leave him as he so feared.

There were many opportunities for police to take a closer look at Jeffrey Dahmer and stop his murderous acts but the numbers kept rising, in all 17 young men lost their lives to The Milwaukee Cannibal, only being apprehended after his final victim escaped and alerted authorities.

Police would discover a multitude of human remains scattered around Dahmer’s abode, including the freshly severed head of a black male in the fridge as well as body parts in the freezer, stored for later consumption.  Polaroids of bodies in various states of dismemberment were also recovered and Dahmer quickly confessed to all 17 murders after his arrest in 1991.

With no death penalty available in the State of Wisconsin, Dahmer was to spend the remainder of his life behind bars.  This time would be cut short however as a fellow inmate beat Jeffrey Dahmer to death with a metal bar on November 28th 1994.

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