Jeffrey Dahmer

Murder Victims


Murder Victims

Please note, the following descriptions may be graphic in nature.

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Steven HICKS

Dahmer’s first murder was committed less than a month after his 18th birthday.  After picking up Hicks hitchhiking, the two 18 year olds went back to Dahmer’s house to drink.  Eventually Hicks got up to leave and Dahmer, panicked, struck him with a dumbbell.  Unconscious, Hicks was strangled to death with the bar of the dumbbell.  Dahmer stripped the body and masturbated over it.
Waiting until the next day to dissect and bury the body in his backyard.
He would later decide to unearth Hicks’ decomposing corpse and strip the flesh from his bones, dissolving it in acid and flushing away the remains, the bones were smashed into pieces and scattered across the woodland near his family home.


Steven TUOMI

It would be nine years before The Milwaukee Cannibal took his second victim.  Steven Tuomi was a 25 year old the Dahmer met at a bar in November 1987.  After some drinks they both went back to a hotel room, where Dahmer had planned to drug and rape Tuomi.  Upon waking the next morning Dahmer discovered he lay next to a deceased Tuomi; with no recollection of the murder itself.  Moving the body to his grandmother’s house in a large suitcase, Dahmer first had sex with the corpse before dismembering the body to throw away in the garbage – the skull was kept for erotic stimulation until it too was later crushed and discarded.



14 year old Doxtator was a Native American male prostitute who hung around outside gay bars looking for clients, and in January of 1988 Dahmer offered the teenager some money to pose for nude photos.

Dahmer drugged and strangled Doxtator in the cellar of his grandmother’s house in West Allis.
He disposed of the body in the same manner as he had done with Tuomi, again keeping the skull of his victim.



A 22 year old that Dahmer met outside a gay bar, again lured back to his grandmother’s this time with the incentive of money just to spend the rest of the night with him. That night was March 24th 1988.

Dahmer would once again drug and strangle his chosen victim, perform necrophilia on the corpse and dispose of the body in what was now familiar fashion.


Un-named 13 year old boy

A victim of Dahmer’s who got away, enticed with the offer of money to pose nude, he was drugged and abused before he got away, Dahmer was arrested the next day, on September 26th 1988 and charged with second-degree sexual assault and enticing of a child for immoral purposes.  He received five years’ probation and one year in the House of Correction, with day release so he could continue working his job.  However the time between his arrest and his sentencing saw another victim…


Anthony SEARS

On March 25th 1989, Sears started a conversation with Dahmer in a gay bar, the two hit it off and went back to Dahmer’s residence where there was some sexual activity before Sears was drugged and strangled.  Dahmer would go on to remove both Sears’ head and genitals, keeping them in acetone.  The body was again disposed of in the same way as others previous.


Raymond SMITH (aka Ricky Lee BEEKS)

Smith, 32, was Dahmer’s seventh murder victim, last seen end of May 1990.  He worked as a male prostitute and Dahmer acted as a client to lure Smith back to his apartment, there he gave Smith a sleeping pill laced drink and once his victim couldn’t resist, strangled him.  Dahmer took multiple pictures of Smith’s body in sexually suggestive positions before dismembering, boiling off the flesh and dissolving the bones in acid.  The skull was kept and placed next to Sears’.


Edward SMITH

June 1990 27 year old Eddie Smith was lured to Dahmer’s apartment at 924 North 25th Street and met his end at Dahmer’s hands.  Drugged and strangled.  Dahmer tried to remove moisture from the body’s skeleton by freezing it for several months however; this did not work, so the skeleton was disposed of in the usual manner for Dahmer.  The skull was retained and when drying out in the oven exploded.  Dahmer was annoyed as this meant he had nothing left of the body he could retain.



Another enticed to Dahmer’s apartment with the promise of money, Miller had his neck slashed open causing him to bleed to death within minutes.  This was likely due to the lack of sleeping tablets Dahmer had left to give his victim; possibly nervous he couldn’t overpower the man to strangle him.  Miller was murdered September 3rd 1990.

Removing the flesh from the bones of his 22 year old victim, Dahmer stored parts in his freezer to later consume.  Again the skull was retained and painted to be put on display.



David Thomas, 22, found himself at Dahmer’s residence on September 24th 1990.  His drink laced with sedatives, Thomas was now at the mercy of Dahmer, however Dahmer had now decided he in fact wasn’t attracted to the father of one.  Dahmer was instead worried that if Thomas woke up he’d be upset he’d been drugged and so Dahmer proceeded to murder and subsequently dismember and dispose of Thomas as he had done so many times before, this time however purposefully not keeping any remains.



Dahmer picked up the 17 year old offering him money for nude photos and possibly sex.  Straughter was drugged and strangled after sexual intercourse.  Photos taken of the dismemberment process.  The head again kept, the skull recovered unpainted when Dahmer was arrested in later in the year.
Straughter had been waiting at a bus stop on March 7th 1991 when he met Dahmer.



Lindsey, 19, went with Dahmer to his apartment after a chance meeting on the street on April 7 1991.  There, Dahmer drugged the teenager, drilled a hole in his skull and poured muriatic acid into the cavity, trying to induce a brain-dead state.  Lindsey woke up after the experiment, still cognitive, so Dahmer drugged him again and proceeded with his usual exploits.



Hughes was a deaf mute whom Dahmer had apparently known for a few years.  Communicating via writing notes to each other, Hughes became yet another victim.  Drugged and strangled on May 24th 1991, his body was still intact on Dahmer’s bedroom floor when he found his next victim.



A 14 year old Laotian boy that Dahmer coerced back to his apartment on May 26th 1991.  He took photographs of the boy in his underwear before drugging him.  Again, he tried to render his victim brain-dead by creating a hole in his skull and pouring in muriatic acid.
This time leaving his victim alive for a few hours whilst he went out, Dahmer returned in the early hours of the morning to find Sinthasomphone sat outside naked.  Incoherent from the drugs and probably the acid poured into his brain, three women were huddled around the boy trying to help him.  When Dahmer approached he was informed by one of the women that the police had been called.  Police arrived shortly after and Dahmer convinced them that the boy was in fact his 19 year old homosexual lover.  He told them that they had had a fight and that he was just drunk.  Police sided with Dahmer’s explanation over the women’s concern, stating that they should stay out of it, the incident was domestic.

Police did follow the pair back to Dahmer’s apartment where they later recalled a strange smell, (Hughes’ decomposing body in the bedroom).  Considering the disturbance they had called out for to be resolved they left Sinthasomphone with Dahmer.  Had they done even a cursory check of Dahmer’s past they would have discovered he was a registered sex offender with history of abuse against children.
After a second injection of muriatic acid into his brain, Sinthasomphone subsequently died.  Dahmer dismembered both bodies the following day, retaining the skulls.



Matt Turner met Jeffrey Dahmer in Chicago June 30th 1991, where he was persuaded to travel to Milwaukee for a photo shoot.  The 20 year old was drugged, strangled and dismembered.  His head placed in the freezer.



Another victim from Chicago, lured to Milwaukee on the same premise as Turner.  Dahmer did not commit this murder until the day after they got to his apartment (July 7th 1991).  Weinberger stated his intention to leave, whereupon he was drugged, strangled and dismembered.  His head going into the freezer.


Oliver LACY

Lacy, 23, was another victim lured into Dahmer’s apartment where he was drugged and strangled.  Dahmer had sex with the corpse before dismemberment.  Lacy’s head was put in the refrigerator.

Oliver Lacy was last seen alive July 15th 1991.



The 25 year old met Dahmer at a bus stop July 16th 1991, and was offered money to pose for nude pictures.  He accepted and followed Dahmer home.  He was then drugged and strangled before being dismembered; another head added to the freezer.



The night of July 22nd 1991, Edwards, 32, leapt out in front of a police car.  One hand with a handcuff attached he led them back to the apartment from which he had just escaped.

Police quickly discovered the human remains, including a severed head in the fridge, along with plenty of photos of bodies in various states of dismemberment.  Jeffrey Dahmer had finally been caught.