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Israel Keyes


Name:  Israel Keyes
Born: 7th January 1978 in Richmond, Utah, U.S
Number of Victims: 3 (confirmed), 7+ (suspected)
Modus Operandi: Travel long distances to pick up buried weapons before selecting an "easy" random target to murder and rob.
Date Apprehended: 13th March 2012
Executed: 2nd December 2012, suicide in jail


Possibly the most meticulous Serial Killer the world has ever known, Israel Keyes had spent years planning his murders all across North America.

Burying what he dubbed “murder kits” in various locations across the United States, he would travel thousands of miles to uncover a kit, before picking a random victim to slaughter.
These “murder kits” consisted of a covered bucket, in which he placed various items including weapons, money, plastic sheeting and “Drano” (bleach).

This careful planning, and extreme lengths to distance himself from any connection to the disappearances of his victims failed to keep him from capture.

The failure in his plan was that it was an expensive lifestyle, travelling thousands of miles for each murder.

Samantha Koenig, 18, worked as a barista in Anchorage, Alaska, it was near the end of a regular shift on February 1st 2012 when Keyes entered the coffee shop, nonchalantly ordering he spotted an opportunity; with no other witnesses present he drew his gun and abducted Samantha at gunpoint.  Bound and gagged, she was forced into his vehicle; he drove them back to his residence and imprisoned her in his shed.  It was there he raped and strangled her.

After his capture it was concluded that Keyes had committed dozens of robberies of the course of a decade.  But after Koenig’s murder, he made the decision to use her as ransom.  Picturing her next to a newspaper to “prove” her well-being, he text her parent’s from her phone leading them to a locaton where they found a ransom note demanding $30000 be paid into their daughter’s account – he had her credit card.  The family did deposit some money in the account, and later Keyes used the credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Locations across North America that Keyes is known to have visited and/or commited crimes

Travelling across the country, Keyes spent the next month withdrawing money from Koenig’s account in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  The Police had drawn up a pattern and retrieved some blurry ATM images that allowed them to note two particular things; Koenig’s abductor was driving a white Ford and used Interstate 10.

It was March 13th 2012, over 3000 miles from Anchorage in Lufkin, Texas where police stopped a white Ford doing just over the speed limit.  The driver was Israel Keyes; in his possession were the card he had been using to make withdrawals and Samantha Koenig’s phone.

It was in custody for Koenig’s murder that Keyes made a shocking admission.

Vermont Police had been looking for a missing couple since June of 2011.  With very few leads to go on the case was almost cold.  This was until Keyes openly admitted to the abduction and murder of Bill and Lorraine Currier.

Having flown into Chicago on June 2nd 2011 Keyes drove hundreds of miles to Essex, Vermont, where he had buried a murder kit some years earlier.  He had only gone there with one intention: to kill.

After scouting a suitable house to break into, he came across the Currier’s residence on June 9th.  He broke in through the garage surprising the sleeping couple he quickly bound them before forcing them into their own car parked outside.  Driving to an abandoned farmhouse a few miles away he scuffled with the Bill Currier before shooting him dead.  He proceeded to rape and strangle Lorraine Currier.

FBI would later recover the gun from a reservoir in Parishville, New York, where Keyes had driven to and dumped the weapon right after the murders.

The Currier bodies have never been recovered; though police state they have enough evidence alongside Keyes’ confession to reliably confirm that he did commit the murders.  The abandoned farmhouse had been destroyed in the time between the murders and his confession.

Now that he had started talking about other crimes, investigators were keen to get more confessions from Keyes.

Such an elusive man must have more victims.


This elusiveness however continued into Keyes’s interviews with police.  He had only admitted to the murders of Koenig and the Currier couple because the police could already link him to them.
He admitted to a murder in New York and though provided no name, age, gender or other clues this confession was still classed as credible.  Keyes was known to own land in New York and to have travelled there repeatedly.
There may have been another murder victim in New York in 2009.

Keyes however, never gave any more concrete confessions, instead to the frustration of many he took all his remaining secrets to the grave with him.  He committed suicide in his cell on December the 2nd 2012, cutting his wrist and strangling himself.

His chilling disregard for human life and society lives on in the form of his 4-page suicide note, released by FBI.  See below.

FBI investigators have pieced together some of Keyes’ movements and would like to hear from anyone who may have had contact with him.

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