Hiroshi Maeue

The Suicide Website Murderer

(August 8th 1968 - July 28th 2009)

Hiroshi Maeue (前上 博 Maeue Hiroshi) hailed from Osaka, Japan.  He was a serial killer who preyed upon those wishing to commit suicide.  He found his victims via online suicide websites where he would engage with them, persuading them to meet with him and end their lives together.  When they arrived, he would strangle his victims, the performance of this act being his only way to achieve sexual gratification – known as a paraphilic psychosexual disorder.

Maeue had a criminal record for various assualts throughout his adult years.  In 2005, he was released from jail after serving 22 months jail time for an attempted strangulation of a schoolboy.  The same year he took the lives of three people.

His victims met with him in the belief they would support each other as they died.  Maeue never had any intention of killing himself though.

Police tracked down Maeue through emails he had sent to his last victim, 25 year old Michiko Nagamoto.

After arrest, Maeue admitted to the murders of a 14 year old boy and a 21 year old female college student.  He had met them all through suicide pact websites.

Hiroshi Maeue received the death penalty on March 28th 2007.  He was hanged on July 28th two years later.

According to the World Health Organization, Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the industrialized world. 2013 saw a rate of 21.4 deaths per 100000 people – other high income countries average 12.7 per 100000.

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