Carroll Cole

(May 9th 1938 - December 6th 1985)

A man troubled by his violent impulsions, Cole spent most of his adult years either in prison or in psychiatric hospitals.  The latter, releasing him back into the public although he readily admitted himself he was a risk.  He also escaped prosecution multiple times due to police investigations determining his victim’s causes of death were accidental.

As a toddler, his family moved from his birth town of Sioux City, Iowa to California.  His father was enlisted to fight in World War II shortly after his sister was born, leaving his mother to take care of two babies.  She did, however she spent the years having affairs, taking her children with her and beating them so they wouldn’t talk.  His mother humiliated him often, forcing Cole to wear girls’ clothes as an example.
At school he was bullied, and after his final arrest, admitted that a classmate who had drowned in the nearby lake was actually a crime committed by him rather than an accidental death.

From 1971 Cole moved between various states and over the next nine years strangled an estimated 16 women, one of those being his own wife, whom police determined had died due to heavy drinking (something both her and her husband did regularly), regardless of the fact her corpse was found hidden in a closet, a blanket wrapped round it.

He became a suspect of a murder in Dallas, Texas committed in November, 1980.  In fact, he had strangled three women in the city that very month.  Shockingly, police again came to the conclusion that the women had died of natural causes and were making arrangements to release Cole from questioning when he confessed.  He confessed to every murder he could remember committing, across all states.

Over the course of a few years Carroll Cole was convicted of multiple murders in both Texas and Nevada.  When given his death sentence in Nevada he replied “Thanks, Judge”.

Carroll Cole was connected to 16 total murders and executed via lethal injection on December 6th 1985.

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