My Final Meal and Final Words

When researching serial killers, it's often the case that their noteriety has resulted in execution for their crimes.  Subsequently, attributed to them - as well as the often gruesome nature of their murders - are their final words and meals.  Often both are reflective of both crime and character and offer us, the inquisitive researcher an insight into the psyche of the mad, the bad, and the utterly insane.

This always poses me to ask myself the same internal questions, it's hardly dinner time conversation, yet it still works its way into my circle of friends.

"What would I have as my final meal?"


"What would I say as my final words?"

Granted, these two questions are never likely to need legitimate answers as,

a) I live in Great Britain, where the death penalty was abolished in 1965 (1998 for Treason).
b) I don't plan on commiting any crimes... yet...

Either way it's interesting to think about, as it deviates from the usual...  "You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?"

So first of all I want to tackle the food question, because food is always priority number one, to me, anyway.

I think I want to keep my request as reasonable as possible, unlike Lawrence Brewer who requested crazy amounts of stuff and decided he "wasn't hungry".  Safe to say Brewer p*ssed off enough people in the Texas State Justice Department to abolish the inmates request of a last meal.  Way to go Lawrence, ruin it for everyone else on Death Row behind you!  Who'd have thought murderers could be so selfish?

Honestly, this question is hard, you've gotta think ahead, even on your limited time remaining, do you want to be lying there strapped onto a gurney with your final meal of pork scratchings and Cola repeating on you?

final meal and words last pizza dip death row execution

For me personally, in the end, I would have to go for something very un-British and choose cheese stuffed-crust meat pizza from a well known international brand...
I'd aim to leave this world so stuffed and content they could fumble the injections as much as they liked I probably wouldn't notice.

As for my final words, given my choice and my love of condiments; it'd probably go something like this.

"Should've asked for extra garlic and herb dip."

What would your final meal and words be?  Let me know in the comments below and share this with your friends.