Bandali Debs

(July 18th 1953 - )

An Australian serial killer from Melbourne, Debs was first convicted in 2003 for the shooting of two Victoria police officers on August 16th 1998.  Sentenced to two life terms with no minimum term, his accomplice Jason Joseph Roberts got a similar sentence.

It was not until June 20th 2005 that police charged the already incarcerated Debs with the murder of prostitute Kristy Harty, murdered by a single gunshot to the back of the head on June 17th 1997.
DNA linked semen found on her body to that of Debs.
Bandali Debs received a third consecutive life imprisonment term for this crime in May 2007.

A year later detectives interviewed Debs regarding the open murder case for Donna Anne Hicks who had been shot dead in Sydney, April 1995.  He was later found guilty of this murder too and sentenced to a fourth consecutive life term.
Bandali Debs will spend the rest of his life in jail.

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